cookie questions

Greetings to PHP people!

I’m acquainted with PHP about five days (more precisely,
with the web programming in general). However i have some
other experiences in programming.

The first thing i need to do is a reliable authentication
with sessions and cookies. I’ve create a scratch web-site
for testing this ( and have two
questions related to cookies. I use the latest PHP 4 & 5
with IIS5 (CGI mode) under Windows 2000. Php.ini settings
are setup defaults (when using php-x.x.x-installer.exe).

1. When i do setcookie ($vname, $vvalue, time() + 600, “/”);
it’s saved well, but the cookie does not expire after ten
minutes as it supposed to be (testing with IE6). What’s wrong?

2. When i do setcookie (..); and after that (below in the
end of the same script) send a header(“Location: $goto”);
the cookie is not saved. I’ve create a workaround. But…
Is it normal behaviour? I can’t find clear information on
this in the PHP Manual. Can someone clarify this?

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