Error 444 Script or Action Blocked

This is a new one for me, and I couldn’t find anything about it online.
So after wasting 4 hours of rewrites, I’m afraid that I have to beg the
gurus for help!

This is a relatively simple script. It takes a variable from the
header, and compares it to a tab-delimited flat-text database. Once it
finds a match, it uses the other info in the database to show a dynamic

For instance, go to:

These are all in the order by which they are in the database. Scroll
down to “Diane Benesh Day Care Home,” and click on the title to be
taken to a view.php page. This is where you’ll see the error, but it
only happens with this one; all of the other names seem OK.

Has anyone seen this one before, or have any idea what it means?



The only real PHP code in the script is as follows:

// if there’s no variable, send them to the intro page
if (!$_GET[‘id’]) header(“Location: index.php?error=true”);

else {
$found = FALSE;

// if a single quote was in the name, PHP placed a \ in front
//of it by default
$_GET[‘id’] = str_replace(“\'”, “‘”, $_GET[‘id’]);

// get database info
$providers = FILE(“$basepath/providers.xls”);

foreach ($providers as $key) {

// get rid of the \n at the end
$key = rtrim($key);

// $more_junk is here for your benefit; there are really about
// 20 variables in the script
// I actually don’t use /t in the script, I use a real tab. I wasn’t
// sure if that would show up in the NG, though
list ($facility, $more_junk) = explode(“/t”, $key);

// if it’s found, change the boolean and stop looking
if ($_GET[‘id’] === $facility) {
$found = TRUE;

if ($found) {
// print HTML code

else header(“Location: index.php?error=true”);

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