Israel VPS Hosting Advantages

In terms of functionality and expenses, VPS hosting lies in the middle between shared hosting and private dedicated hosting. VPS answers the problems of scalability and limited resources of shared hosting. At the same time, VPS is much cheaper than dedicated hosting. As a result, Virtual Private Server is one of the most popular web hosting services due to the best ratio of price and functionality provided.

VPS hosting allows solving the basic issues with data storage and management, workflow management and automation. It is load-resistant to a large number of visitors and convenient for websites that have frequent updates of databases. For example, VPS hosting can be used for an e-commerce website, an advertising campaign, or an online application.

Additionally, using VPS the client can choose the server hardware and the operating system, and reveal the total capacity and bandwidth of the server (unlike shared hosting).

Renting a Virtual Private Server is a cost-effective solution to meeting the demands of a growing e-commerce business.

VPS Hosting with HostZealot

To build a successful online business you should find a secure hosting platform that will make sure your business is stable and running smoothly. HostZealot offers professional VPS hosting services worldwide: the United States, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Cyprus, China, Israel.

If you are not ready to invest in a private server you could rent a HostZealot server anywhere in the world. For example, VPS in Israel may be a good fit, you will get:

  • Linux and Microsoft software-based virtual servers.
  • KVM virtualization that provides a clear separation of physical resources.
  • VNC access to VPS.
  • Backup storage.
  • Subversion repository (SVN).
  • Free IPv6.
  • Faster speed with SSD caching.
  • Password Protection (.htaccess).
  • Unlimited Email Accounts.
  • Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users.
  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases.
  • Technical support.

Hosting service HostZealot can become a reliable long-term partner for you. Get the VPS service package that will suit your budget and your business goals.

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