Looking for general advice on security

I’m designing a survey form page that will be fairly complex and am
becoming confident enough with PHP now to tackle most things.
(Thanks to everyone here who has helped)

Before I go too far with this I was wondering if anyone could perhaps
offer advice or point me to any documents/web pages that could help with
ensuring the security of the form/page and site. It is likely that the
form will come under attack I expect.

Even comments about the best chmod settings are welcome.

I’d rather not have to wade through another history of the internet book
with the words “and be security conscious by using SSL” on the last page
which is what most adviice I’ve found so far boils down to.

I’ve located standard advice such as using PHP strip-tags on input fields
and other PHP specific stuff but was wondering how best to get
interactive with the security.

Are there any PHP libraries perhaps that help with this?

I’m thinking of things like verifying users ID while they are online
without having them email and preventing bots from getting in and things
like that.

Any input on this would be most welcome.



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