Point script “snif” to different directory?


“Snif” is an excellent little script to index files and directories.
It’s just one single file, and the advantage is that you merely drop it
into the directory you want to index, point a browser to the script and
you’re done.

But to me, the simplicity is a DISadvantage since I need to index
directories that are located down in the site hierarcy, and to which the
users won’t have direct access.

Have tried keeping “snif” in the directory I want indexed and then use
include to a “parent” file in root. But of course, it’s indexing the
root and not the directory where the script is located. Also tried a
regular iframe, but that’s plain ugly with scrollbars, etc.

So, maybe it’s not kosher to ask about things like this, but I do it
anyway and hope I’m not upsetting anyone;

Can someone help me change the instances in the script which points to
“itself” so that it can index another directory?

The script is here: http://www.bitfolge.de/download/source/snif.phps

Cheers, and a BIG thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


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