Software for NEMT companies

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, or shortly NEMT, is an essential need for people who are otherwise unable to get to their healthcare appointments. Medicaid beneficiaries with complex health conditions struggle to find safe and reliable transportation to medical appointments. 

Reliable NEMT software makes it much easier for transportation companies to ensure smooth services, schedule, route, dispatch, and bill every trip for optimum results.

NEMT software may detect the patient’s needs and ensure the vehicle’s and driver’s qualifications are suitable for the trip. It is an excellent feature for both patients and providers because it significantly reduces the chances of the wrong transport or unqualified driver.

RouteGenie NEMT software is comprehensive and customizable, it is capable of generating optimized routes and schedules. The software also streamlines and simplifies billing operations. RouteGenie software deals with daily changes and challenges such as vehicle breakdowns, traffic issues, late cancellations, on-demand trips, add-on trips, no shows, will calls, driver call-offs, and more.

RouteGenie software automatically makes dispatching decisions and multi-loading rides in real-time. Our Driver app will help limit the costs associated with the drivers and vehicles by routing the trips more efficiently. And as for the passengers, they will get more transparency from the transportation procedures with the Customer app.

No more paper-based records, documentation, or systems. The automated smart system assesses each passenger’s needs to determine what kind of vehicle is needed, saving dispatchers’ time and labor.High-quality NEMT software will significantly reduce human errors and improve overall performance by automating all operations. It is a single-source solution that satisfies all needs and demands of medical transportation companies. RouteGenie offers HIPAA-compliant powerful software for NEMT companies of any size and location. NEMT software is a great investment in your business success.

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